CH-53G StallionF/A-18C HornetF/A-18C HornetF/A-18C Hornet

F-5E Tiger IIF-5E Tiger IIF/A-18C HornetF-5E Tiger II

F-5E Tiger IIF/A-18 HornetF-5E Tiger IIF-5E Tiger II

CH-53G StallionClose-up sur un HornetF-5E Tiger IIF-5E Tiger II

F/A-18C HornetF-5E Tiger IIF/A-18C HornetF-5E Tiger II

Pilatus PC-9Pilatus PC-7F/A-18C Hornet Tiger 2007 versionF-5E Tiger II

F-16 Fighting Falcon Tiger Meet Belgian Air ForceClose up on F-16 FalconClose up on F7A-18C TigerClose up on F-5E gun

Low pass for these two F-5EPreparing landing just after breakLanding on runway 28Taxiing back to tarmac

Taxiing to runwayTake off

Taxiing to runway for take offFinal approach with hook downCable landingLeaving the runway

Wings upReady for take offAfterburner’s take offAfterburner’s take off

In flightIn front of spotter zone with wings upSmall sparks on the runwayTaxiing to runway

Take off for the ShowHigh speed passFront viewHigh speed pass

Gear down passFinal approachJust landingArriving to tarmacF/A-18 Hornet

Two F/A-18D ready for take offF/A-18C at landingTaxiing to runway for take offTaxiing to runway for take off

Just landedF/A-18D at take offPicture on www.airliners.netPicture on

F/A-18D at take offBack to cavern after missionFour Hornets just landedTaxiing to cavern just after landing

Just before touchdown on the runwayFour Hornets performing checks before flightFinal approachHornet D at take off

Taxiing to runwayTaxiing to runwayTaxiing to runway